Frequently Asked Questions
Garage Door Miracle FAQ’s

Q1. How do I use GDM?

A. Spray GDM directly on to garage door and wipe in. Work on small areas at a time, such as 3’ x 3’.

Q2. Do I need to prepare or clean the doors first?

A. it is best to simply rinse off the door with a water hose and dry.

Q3. On what kind of garage doors can I use GDM?

A. Painted metal and wood.

Q4. How long does it last?

A. When properly applied, it will last a year and can be reapplied as often as desired.

Q5. How does this product compare to repainting?

A. The cost of GDM is a fraction of the cost of repainting and will bring back the shine and brilliance to the finish. Also, there is no cumbersome and time-consuming taping, sanding, brush cleaning, etc. needed with GDM.

Q6. Do I need to use a Microfiber cloth?

A. It is highly recommended to apply GDM using a Microfiber cloth or a Microfiber pad {included with order).

Q7. How does it work on white doors?
A. It cleans and protects but the change in appearance is not as dramatic as on color doors.
Q8. What about extremely oxidized doors?
A. If your door is extremely oxidized we recommend three or even four applications in order for the liquid to deeply penetrate into the oxidized materials and reset the original color.
Q9. How fast does it dry?

A. Cure time is rather quick, when it sets it is non migrating in other words you will not have an oily feel to the touch. It will be dry enough in a day to add a coat for additional protection.

Q10. How often can I use it?
A. It can be used as a maintenance product but you won't need as much for additional coats. It will re-hydrate the molecules that are oxidized.
Q11. How does it work for repelling dirt and dust?
A. GDM reduces static charge to keep the surface cleaner longer.
Q12. How is it different from other products that rejuvenate?
A. The short answer without getting into the science is that GDM does not have a petroleum base it is a water base. This allows GDM to last longer and not turn colors as it drys and gets weather exposure.
Q13. Does GDM work on the trim around the garage door?
A. Yes apply it when you are doing the garage door to improve the look of the entire area.